[REVIEW] Kojie.san Face Lightening Cream

Annyeong Haseyo Dearies~

Do dark spots taking its toll on your skin? Worry no more!

Tonight, I will be reviewing on another Filipino brand which is popular for using Kojic Acid as an active ingredient in their products, no other than Kojie.san. Created by Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVI), Kojie.san is well-known for their effective whitening products.


From a single soap inspired by the sinuous Japanese skin, they have developed a complete whitening regimen. Today, Kojie.san kojic acid soap is among the top selling soap brands in the lightening category. It has received numerous recognition including the Soap Brand of the Year during the Watson’s Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards 2010. Today they are also selling creams, toner & cleanser, and facial foam wash. 


So what is the benefit of Kojic Acid on the skin?

Kojic Acid is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice (‘malted rice’) for use in the manufacture of sake, the Japanese rice wine. Some scientifically proven benefits of Kojic Acid are the following

-Events out skin tone

-Erases dark spots and blotches from melasma and other forms of pigmentations

-Best for treatment of age spots

-Improves skin texture and skin tone

-Corrects skin discolorations

-Lightens/whitens the skin’s color.


So we now move on to the product that I will be reviewing, the Kojie.san Face Lightening Cream. I decided to try this last August 4, 2013, after being overwhelmed by the plethora of good comments about this cream. So, please continue reading to know what’s amazing with this cream! :D


Kojie.san Face Lightening Cream is a light, non-greasy blend of natural plant extracts and Kojic Acid which is known for its excellent whitening effect. It contains Rose Hips Extract which aids in healing and repairing damaged skin. While, Collagen and Elastin, which  are essential proteins, maintains suppleness and elasticity of the skin.


It comes in  a simple white box which is printed with the trademark “Geisha” caricature and important information about the product. 

The cream is stored in a white plastic tub with a plastic lid and cap to prevent it from spilling. I can say that this kind of packaging is a bit unhygienic because you’ll dip your fingers in it to get the cream. It would be better it it is pack in a tube to prevent contamination of the product.


The product is reasonably priced at Php 120 which can be bought at any leading supermarkets, Watsons and Mercury Drug outlets. This is really compared to other high-end brands.


The 30 g cream could last up to one and a half month (I’m using mine every night before bedtime :D). The consistency of the cream is watery. It was really non-greasy and feels very light on the skin. Also, the scent is pleasant and not overpowering. So it won’t irritate those with sensitive nose (hurray!). At the first week of using it, I noticed that my skin became more supple and moisturized. After continued use, I see the whitening effects on my skin. Even my dark under-eye circles lightened a bit! Amazing!

Product Swatch:




-Lightens skin and reduces dark spots

-Prevents formation of new dark spots

-Reduces skin blemishes

-Restores skin suppleness

-Moisturizes skin

-Brings about healthy, rosy skin


-Unhygienic packaging (It would be better if it’s in a tube)

Because I don’t see any flaws while using this product, I will still give it a score of 5/5. I really loved how it lightened my skin while keeping it moisturized!

Will I repurchased it?

It’s a no-brainer: YES! I have test the efficacy of this product and it is now included in my list of favorite face creams.

Kamsahamnida for reading :D ~


Princes & Princesses, what is the best lightening face cream you’ve used so far?


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